Drawing Robot by Plexi

Making a drawing Robot, XYdrawBot

For my next project I want to create a Drawing Robot. I just finished ‘House 2’ and that was quite intense. I needed to think of a lot of things to make it work and there was nothing to build upon, except the vision of my wife and my experience. For now I would like

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Hackerspaces and enterprise accounting

Tip: If you just want an enterprise level accounting, ERP and CRM package for your hackerspace, skip to the end. As treasurer of Hackerspace TDvenlo keeping the books has been quite a chore. When we first started in Q4 2018, I wanted to have a good grasp on how things work, swift start and of

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Going to OHM2013

Today I drive towards Ohm2013 (Observe, Hack, Make), near Alkmaar. The coming days will become an exiting time. I still haven’t decided which camping I will be using. https://ohm2013.org/wiki/Camping:Fields There are a couple of choices. There the more quiet campings where lots of folks from the Netherlands hang out. (Field N) Or you take the

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