Photo of Arduino circuit by

How to start embedded coding

Based on a Reddit post in /r/embedded. Every so often this question comes along. While I base this list on my own experience, I still think people would learn a lot if they follow it. Most people who know some C and C++ can do this and it has a lot variation. You get to

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Drawing Robot by Plexi

Making a drawing Robot, XYdrawBot

For my next project I want to create a Drawing Robot. I just finished ‘House 2’ and that was quite intense. I needed to think of a lot of things to make it work and there was nothing to build upon, except the vision of my wife and my experience. For now I would like

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Visit to IoT Tech Day 2016

Better late than never. This a report on IoT Tech Day from 2016.  I wrote this in May 2016, but I’ve been busy with personal matters for the last 2 years. So, before visiting the successor of IoT Tech Day called TEQNATION coming April, here is the report I was writing in 2016.   Introduction

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Mysterious project / Interactive painting

The last couple of years I’ve posted some images about an Arduino, LEDs, lots of wires and some wooden board where everything is mounted upon on facebook. Because it was a present, the whole thing had to remain a secret.  This project is finally finished and we can give the present to my niece on

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