Taking a break and next years vacation

This blog might produce a lot more posts next year. In 2018 I will enjoy my sabbatical, to figure out what I will be doing next. That will probably become something in the blockchain space combined with a lot of hardware.

I’ve been working continuously since 1999 after my studies. First at Oce Technologies and then via TMC at different companies. The last 6 years at Philips have been a blast and intense. It’s now time to take a rest and go at it again.

Although I think of many things to do in 2018. The whole crypto space is currently ablaze and new developments are happening. It remains hard to not get sucked into this. My backlog in books and games is daunting. Andrea wants to go walking to Santiago de Compostella and after finishing her website I will also join her a couple of times while travelling. Kobudo has been too much on the back burner and now comes the time to get back into shape. Hackerspace TDvenlo is growing, but also has its challenges. Fortunately I read the book “Het nieuwe nietsdoen” from Gerhard Hormann, to prepare me for the coming year.

I think there should be good work-life balance. Keeping that balance is quite hard to keep in check while working on great and meaningful projects. All in all, I think people work way too much and it would be hypocritical of me to keep on going in the current pace, when I have the opportunity to change this. 1200 hours per year should be enough to keep your energy, your creativity and interact with the people around you. Fortunately my investments of time and money in crypto now give me the opportunity to do this.

I hope this year will allow me to recharge my batteries and focus on new and even better challenges.

Looking forward to next year and the experiences ahead.

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