Don’t use Multibit and get your Bitcoin out of MultibitHD

Yesterday I wanted to see how some of my Bitcoins were doing. I use Multibit HD 0.4.1. Suddenly MultibitHD showed the whole wallet being unconfirmed. That means that I couldn’t send any Bitcoins or that Multibit HD has lost its bookkeeping. I find this unacceptable. Who can work with a wallet that can’t do the bookkeeping correctly? So first start to fix the issue and then look for a better wallet.

I tried to repair the wallet several times but only a part would become confirmed. So, I still couldn’t get at my money. Even restoring from the seed didn’t help.

When you look at the issue tracker on Github, you see that a lot more people have issues. Especially the closed issue tracker, leaves people in the dust without their money. These issues have been popping up since October 2016 and I haven’t seen a warning since. A wallet project should do a good disclosure on any bugs it finds and issue a recommendation to stop using the wallet until the issue is found and dealt with.

I was able to extract my bitcoins by downgrading to Multibit 0.1.1 and do a repair of my wallet.

I became skeptical after the Multibit people sold the software to KeepKey. Also I needed to repair my wallet last year, which also scared the bejeezus out of me. Any project that produces a wallet that has a big button called “repair” shoudl do a better job. Those worries are now confirmed. Now getting the heck out of here towards a more sane client like electrum.

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9 thoughts on “Don’t use Multibit and get your Bitcoin out of MultibitHD

  • Hi, I had 2 bitcoin in a multi-bit wallet and now can’t get into wallet, tried restore from wallet words but it just says “working” and does nothing.
    Is it possible I was hacked as I was using wallet earlier and sent bitcoin, all worked fine.

    Is there any way to get my bitcoin?

  • Hey there
    I have an old multibit wallet and it seems to have lost half my bitcoins (the balance shrunk when I reset the blockchain and transactions -I did this because it only gave me a spendable amount- which seems to amount now to the amount that is now missing from my multibit wallet). I checked my address on Blockchain and at least the correct amount is still there- however I am afraid to move my bitcoins from the Multibit wallet, not that I know how to anyhow- any advice on what to do? I would ideally like to move my bitcoins (or keys) to Blockchain so that I can store them safely there but I am afraid to do anything with multibit now that this has happened.

  • Hi thanks for response , to be honest I don’t understand the technology yet, so I will have to research your response. The version of multibit I have is 0.5.16 – is that bad?

      • Should I upload the keys into a Multibit HD wallet?
        Will that restore my correct balance?
        thanks for your help by the way..

        • You use the old version of MultibitHD to recreate your wallet with the proper funds, based on the magic 12 words (mnemonic). Then send them to a proper wallet like Electrum, where you have created a new wallet.

          If you have the private keys, then it’s easier. Import them in the client Electrum as shown below.

          Just keep on trying. Just know where you send your Bitcoins/BCH.

          • thanks again, this is very good advice. The thing is though i can’t remember if there is a mnemonic 12 word password on my bitcoin, would there be one? I used another just normal password to import them into the old Multibit waller- do you think that is it? or maybe I have lost the mnemonic ? I hope not.

  • I have the private keys I think, should I just try and import them into Electrum? do you think that will recover my full balance? Thanks again..

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