Going to OHM2013

Today I drive towards Ohm2013 (Observe, Hack, Make), near Alkmaar. The coming days will become an exiting time.

I still haven’t decided which camping I will be using.


There are a couple of choices. There the more quiet campings where lots of folks from the Netherlands hang out. (Field N) Or you take the somewhat louder camping and be able to party all the time. (Field W) A place next to the water would also be nice. (Field S)

Also I still need to pack everything and shop for food for the next 6 days. So it will be a busy day today. I probably will do that in Alkmaar after I set up my tent. Fortunately Geestmerambacht (near Alkmaar) is only 2.5 hours driving away from Venlo. #hacking


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