Mysterious project / Interactive painting

The last couple of years I’ve posted some images about an Arduino, LEDs, lots of wires and some wooden board where everything is mounted upon on facebook. Because it was a present, the whole thing had to remain a secret.  This project is finally finished and we can give the present to my niece on her 3rd birthday.

The artwork is done by my lovely wife Andrea Haandrikman. You can find her website here:

So what was it all about: I’ve designed my first 2 layer board, 4 layer board, programmed an Arduino Duemilanove, soldered 48 current sources in too small packages on the PCB and a whole lot more. Like doing project documentation in dokuwiki, getting the hang of geda gschem and pcb, create all symbols and shapes, integrate the boards in a larger ssytem and so on.

Below shows a movie of the painting that shows how the painting works. At 1:50 you can see the back of the painting with all the electronics.

We gave the painting to my niece on her third birthday. It was an instant hit. The different figures we’re hanging all over the board. At least not in the location we had thought of. The other guests we’re also really interested in how it worked and what you could do with it. All in all it was a great success.

I’ve put some pictures together to illustrate more of the technical side of the painting below.


Hopefully the next project will take shorter amount of time.

P.S.: I’ll post the design files and more pictures shortly


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