Ohm2013 retrospective

My body has now almost caught up from the exhaustion and my thoughts are a bit straightened out after #ohm2013.  So now is a good time to start writing about it.

I had a great time at Om2013. Always something to do and lots of people to talk to. So updating my blog was not really an option during these amazing days. Fortunately al lot of tweets went into the Twittersphere to record some of the events.
So a week has gone after the event and my spinning head is coming to rest somewhat. Like a friend of mine said: “Interesting how you can suck up all that information, communicate with others while suffering from  sleep deprivation.” The most scariest thing about the event was driving back home van Ohm2013 back to Venlo with only 3.5 hours of sleep. The most beautiful surprise was the Bach recitial by Kimiko Ishizaka.
All in all it was a great event, met a lot of interesting people, heard interesting talks and enjoyed myself tremendously.I think al lot of good and interesting hacks will result from it.

I really look forward to the next event. Whichever that will be.

I try do a couple of postings the coming days. I think with the following subjects: Photo’s, Interesting talks and ideas I’ve come up with.


Arrived at OHM2013

This afternoon I drove towards OHM2013. Of course it started raining in the afternoon and did’t stop until 10 o”clock. I was able to put my tent up and make me some dinner. Almost everything got wet this afternoon, but I was able to pull it together and set everything up for the coming days.

It’s now almost midnight and it’s great to be back here. The atmosphere is already really good. The Blinkenlights are operating and give you the feeling this is something special.

Unfortunately the bar has closed down now.

Going to OHM2013

Today I drive towards Ohm2013 (Observe, Hack, Make), near Alkmaar. The coming days will become an exiting time.

I still haven’t decided which camping I will be using.


There are a couple of choices. There the more quiet campings where lots of folks from the Netherlands hang out. (Field N) Or you take the somewhat louder camping and be able to party all the time. (Field W) A place next to the water would also be nice. (Field S)

Also I still need to pack everything and shop for food for the next 6 days. So it will be a busy day today. I probably will do that in Alkmaar after I set up my tent. Fortunately Geestmerambacht (near Alkmaar) is only 2.5 hours driving away from Venlo. #hacking


Mysterious project / Interactive painting

The last couple of years I’ve posted some images about an Arduino, LEDs, lots of wires and some wooden board where everything is mounted upon on facebook. Because it was a present, the whole thing had to remain a secret.  This project is finally finished and we can give the present to my niece on her 3rd birthday.

The artwork is done by my lovely wife Andrea Haandrikman. You can find her website here: http://www.muralmania.com

So what was it all about: I’ve designed my first 2 layer board, 4 layer board, programmed an Arduino Duemilanove, soldered 48 current sources in too small packages on the PCB and a whole lot more. Like doing project documentation in dokuwiki, getting the hang of geda gschem and pcb, create all symbols and shapes, integrate the boards in a larger ssytem and so on.

Below shows a movie of the painting that shows how the painting works. At 1:50 you can see the back of the painting with all the electronics.

We gave the painting to my niece on her third birthday. It was an instant hit. The different figures we’re hanging all over the board. At least not in the location we had thought of. The other guests we’re also really interested in how it worked and what you could do with it. All in all it was a great success.

I’ve put some pictures together to illustrate more of the technical side of the painting below.


Hopefully the next project will take shorter amount of time.

P.S.: I’ll post the design files and more pictures shortly



First Post!

first post

I’ve been thinking about creating my own website for quite a while. Finally it’s here.
I’ll try to write about the topics I also listed for my Twitter tag line: Electrical Engineering, Free Software, Kobudo and Sustainability.

But it might also include some other random musings.